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1. Introducing Partner

Introducing Partner (IP) Program

Alpha Capital International’s Introducing Partner (IP) program is a partnership opportunity for individuals and companies who are qualified to attract new traders/clients to Alpha Capital International for a commission. Alpha Capital International views its relationship with its IP’s as a long-term one and wants it to be based on mutual benefit, hence our aim to make becoming an IP both easy and rewarding. You simply need to have the will, skill and determination to introduce sophisticated and properly vetted clients to Alpha Capital International. Our flexible revenue plan gives you the chance to create your own custom-made strategy. Alpha Capital International is committed to helping you grow your client base and to providing you with the best available training to ensure high quality service to clients.

Benefits of becoming an IP with Alpha Capital International

  • Competitive rebates – We think of our relationship with our IBs as a long term partnership in which we “share” the benefits of our business.
  • Up-to-date IB account— Your IB account will display current statistics of your clients’ trades and the rebates you are earning.
  • Continuous learning – Take advantage of well developed training sessions as Alpha Capital International aims to keep its IPs up-to-date with the latest developments in the world of trading.
  • Benefit from new technology – You no longer need to keep track of clients manually as our IP service allows you to do that online, thus saving you time and effort..
  • Continuous Support – Alpha Capital International will always be there to support and assist you 24/5.

2. Regional Partner

Regional Partnership Program

A regional partnership, in most cases, starts from the position of an Introducing Partner, whereby the partner demonstrates he/she has the tools to keep and develop Alpha Capital International’ s services in that particular country. Alpha Capital International can then give the opportunity to build regional representation based on the satisfactory track record of the Introducing Partner and their alignment with the company’s vision, meanwhile creating a successful business for yourself in the bargain. Nevertheless, it is essential that those on the regional partnership program fully identify with the company’s vision and ethics in which stringent criteria for this prestigious distinction will be adhered to.

3. Referrals

The referral program is open for each and every client of Alpha Capital International as potential new clients of the firm can only be referred by existing clients in our network. It is also an opportunity to earn a monetary reward as Alpha Capital International will pay you a bonus for every successful referral you make that meets our sophisticated investor criteria.

What better way to take advantage of your social networks and connections to gain attractive rewards?

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