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The Alpha Capital International Edge

100% transparency , all our clients have 24/7 access to monitor their account’s activity in real time

At Alpha Capital International we guarantee 100% transparency and our clients always know all the details about the investment decisions that are being made with their capital. We give to ALL of our clients a personal back-office that allows them to monitor their accounts in real time.Our clients always know exactly what is their account balance, what trading positions are being taken, and they have access to the full history of trades that are taken by our asset management team.

True diversification

An investment in the foreign exchange market can help individual and institutional investors to truly diversify their portfolio and protect themselves against currency devaluation, inflation, and bank insolvency and bankruptcy. Furthermore, currency investments can function as a hedge against the continuous risk that is present in running any business and especially in today’s global economies.

Professional Institutional Money Managers

Our money managers have been managing and trading multimillion dollar portfolios for years and their experience has allowed them to develop strong trading strategies to deliver risk-adjusted returns

Tailored investments

At Alpha Capital International we believe that understanding the investing goals, risk tolerance, and growth expectations of our clients is crucial for success.

Therefore, we have created a business model where we will allow you to explain to us your goals, expectations, and risk appetite and we will assign the best managed FX program for you.

We understand that Complex and institutional investors require a more tailored and specific investment plan and our account managers work with each client individually to ensure all bases are covered before trading commences in your account.

Uncorrelated investments

Correlation can become an obstacle for several investors who are looking to expand the investment vehicles within their portfolio.

Alpha Capital International understands the importance of including uncorrelated asset classes in one’s portfolio to achieve a healthy level of diversification and edge against illiquid holdings.

Security of funds

All of the clients’ assets we manage are held at the top secured banks around the world.  Our partnered institutions have over $35 Billion USD assets under management and are rated “A”+ by rating’s agency (S& P) Standard and Poor.

Segregated accounts

All client funds are placed in segregated accounts adding an extra layer of protection to all customer funds. Your funds will be placed in a segregated account in your name in leading banks in major global financial centers.

Consistent past performance & realistic targets

Our In-House investing strategies have proven to deliver consistent, steady, and risk adjusted returns. One of the reasons for our success as a financial investments firm is our goal setting and profit targets. Unlike the majority of Forex (foreign exchange) managed account services and Forex firms in today’s global market who offer you unrealistic returns; we strive to offer consistent and realistic results while focusing in achievable targets.