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CFD’s & Stocks


Investors are increasingly looking to Contracts for Difference (CFDs) as a more flexible method of trading stocks online.

CFD trading is carried out on live prices on Alpha Capital International’s online trading platforms, without the delays of normal stock trading, such as waiting for fills from the stock exchange.

CFDs can be short sold, opening up the possibility of showing a profit in a falling market and efficient hedging of current Stock positions

Online CFD trading allows for investments to be leveraged up to 20 times. This is also known as trading on margin or margin trading, something that also increases risk

CFD pricing is streamed directly to one’s desktop giving instant fills and often deeper liquidity

Gets instant exposure to global stock markets using Index Tracking CFDs with a single click. Index-tracking CFDs, or Index trackers, are linked to the performance of a stock market index and can be traded both long and short.

With Alpha Capital International, clients gain access to online CFD trading in all major US, European and Asia/Pacific Stocks, as well as Index-tracking CFDs that follow major global indices. Online CFD trading is a versatile method of trading in bull and bear markets, allowing hedging of current Stock investments and even the potential for profit in a falling market. CFDs can be ‘shorted’ or ‘sold short’ – so if a trader thinks a particular Stock or stock market index is set to drop, they can, in effect, ‘sell’ it, and turn a profit if the market moves the way they expect.

Manage positions across multiple currencies with ease from a single account

Total transparency is achieved by trading CFDs on clean exchange prices

Alternatively trade CFDs on an exchange DMA basis from over 15 major exchanges.